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Antre Music publishes sheet music video’s, CD projects and sheet music Ebooks to help you learn to play the music.

Music can increase creativity and help to improve your personality! Our mission is to create a better musically talented generation.

We hope our mission will inspire music lovers into music education and learn to play with more pleasure and fun!

Emirhan Tuğa


Hi everyone, thanks for visiting Antre online sheet music shop. In this sheet music shop you can see my arrangements and e-books which I created for amateur musicians.

I’m a musician, teacher and producer. Besides giving concerts I like to teach clarinet/saxophone and I coach’s ensembles to children and adult amateur musicians. Since 22 years I teach in the music school of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I have the experience of making my own arrangements for my students and I have been creating e-books for more than 15 years. All of the pieces on my website are created in consultation with real instrument teachers. 

The songs have been carefully chosen with the best keys of instruments and are on the beginners level. It’s important for every starter to learn how to play an instrument in an easy and fun way.

A beginning musician needs to develop himself rhythmically. Also sight-reading could be a challenge for starters. 

I am happy with the positive feedback I got on the Antre Music YouTube channel. Thank you all! Antre YouTube Channel has high quality digital sheet music videos to learn with fun. I believe that these videos and learning methods can improve the ability of beginning musicians. 

I used the same method with my instrument students in the Netherlands. I noticed that my students learned reading the notes, feeling the rhythms easier and faster than with other methods. 

My colleagues also like this method and this self-learning system with videos. They use these eBooks in their instrumental lessons. 

It takes a lot of time to produce these videos and sheet music with high quality. I’m more and more satisfied with the results of my project and this motivates me to continue.

At my online webshop you can purchase my arrangements / eBooks. Video versions of some pieces can be seen on my YouTube channel. 

If you have any further questions or comments about my website, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Emirhan Tuğa

Clarinetist / Teacher / Producer